Wind Drake

Bridging the Gap

The Party returned to the ruins, dractaur and guards in tow. (woolson) walked right up to the entrance to point it out to his sister. Suddenly a multitude of crossbow bolts flew out from all around (woolson) impaling him and practically bringing him to his knees. Five fighters then stepped out of the woods swords drawn.

The dracotaur chieftain placed the staff into the slot, suddenly the ground started shaking, the bottom level rotating up until it stood as high off the ground as it had below; a new passage forward stood opposite where they had entered the room. The chieftain tried removing the staff and in began to go back down, the party quickly getting him to put it back in. Where the path down had connected with the ground before was a path down into the now up raised structure.

Walking down they came upon an elaborate door, ((eliz)) being impatient pushed forward into the room and opened the door; she was greeted with, “Welcome new warden, please enter your name in the log book.”
Going down they found more rooms that served various purposes in the tower. They took one of the Dracatuars with them and left the other 2 with their staff. The party went to explore the rest of the ruins, telling the chieftain that if he didn’t get a communication with them through message spell every 24 hours that he could remove the staff and leave.

They traveled about 20-35 miles down the path until they reached a circular opening about the width of the tower from before (100ft diameter). the place contained several buildings, though they seemed to have suffered water damage, in fact the entire path had had a damp feeling about it. ((eliz)) went to explore a building, stepping in a entrance a shark-teeth bone trap (like a bear trap) snapped up around her foot immobilizing her. Two snake like creatures began to attack her, ((eliz)) could feel herself weaken as the poison from their bite flowed into her veins. ((woolson)) rushed to his sister’s aid, followed by the rest of the party. Cinder seeing everyone else successfully subduing the threat decided to fly up invisible and check out the second floor…. on the way in he ran directly into another one of the snake creatures, naga; the naga had been invisible as well and had intended to sneak up on the party from above and behind.
Cinder was now engaged one on one with the naga in single combat; without the rest of the party knowing where he was. The naga got a bite in on Cinder and he too felt its poison seep into his veins as well as being grappled to the ground; meanwhile ((eliz)) below was being heal of the poison by ((vivek)). Cinder let out a deafening roar alerting his companions of his plight. Everyone below rushed to find a way up to the second floor, everyone that is except ((weber)); ((weber)) just sat there at the bar by himself sitting there, for some reason that being more important to him then getting up to investigate the roar. Before the party got there a second naga appeared, sinking its teeth into the grappled Cinder and inserting even more poison into him. ((woolson)) made it up the stairs attacking the naga followed by some of the other members. They soon had both naga dealt with and dead. ((vivek)) made it up the stairs, Cinder was still being affected by the poison. ((vivek)) had a chance to heal Cinder of the some of the poison, instead he waited, the poison from the first bite hit him with its secondary effect… killing Cinder. ((vivek)) acted quickly within the next few seconds and cast revivify, reviving Cinder back to life; rebinding his soul to his body. The party searched the rest of the room and buildings finding nothing more and then remained there for the night, messaging the chieftain.

The next day they set out again down the path, walking 25 miles before coming upon a broken/caved-in hole in the ceiling, Cinder flew up to glance out. The site that greeted him was a vast expanse of ocean as far as he could see.



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