Wind Drake

Divine Intervention

The party was stuck between 2 choices now: did they abandon (jess), who even though she had betrayed them in a way by withholding the information from them had been a loyal companion and friend on their journeys; or did they risk launching the 2 countries into a full scale war. The Emperor had grown slightly unreasonable in his demands after (jess)‘s attack on him; her having been part of the diplomatic escort and all. The next day he was even more unreasonable and could not be worked with; he demanded that if the party wanted to show their innocence and true want for peace that they would bring him (jess)’s corpse.

The party managed to track (jess) down after much searching, and even then partly only found her because she allowed them past her guards and revealing herself. From her they learned that her father had been captured in the raid on the village of Egaia and had then been sent to the Emperor, where he was currently; locked up down in the deepest darkest dungeon of the palace.



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