Wind Drake

Glass Cannon Assassins

Leaving the inn/fight club the group had stayed at along the road, the party was now only about a days journey to the capital of the Ursa Empire. Along one of the main paths into the city they ran into a large group of armed men blocking the road and saying that the city had been quarantined. The party immediately caught on that something wasn’t right; like the fact that there wasn’t a single Ursa Empire soldier with these men, as was protocol in the Empire.

The Escort

The part had been tasked by the King with escorting the diplomat to the Ursa Empire to prevent a full blown war from erupting. The diplomat in question is Fila Avisra, the princess and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Itatris. They would also be joined on their journey by Cinder Charmilla, a vassal to the King, sent along to further guard the princess.

Setting off on their journey was relativity peaceful through their home country and up to the city they had taken. From the city they headed towards the nearest village, with Cinder, (julia), and (jess) going ahead to prepare lodgings and announce their entry and intentions to the Ursa Empire. The rest continued on down the road with the princess and all the gear and provisions at a slower pace. All was peaceful until suddenly someone fell out of a tree next to them.

The Request

The King had requested the party meet with him in the capital.

Greatest Act

Itatris’s Army marched out. The plan was for the party along with 2 of the scouts they had worked with previously to infiltrate the city during the celebration and open/keep the gate open for the army to advance. Of course their initial infiltration plan hit a road block due to (woolson)‘s now large size. However, the party was good at improvising and decided to go undercover as a band of traveling performers instead, this could help explain (woolson)’s now unusual appearance.

At the gate being checked in by the guard on duty, the guard quizzed them on their act. (vivek) said he had a magic act and demonstrated by casting a light spell on the guards torch; in this land of magic ignorance that suddenly got them promoted to main act of the festival.

The Return

The party moved through the woods with their fellow refugees, eventually making it back over the boarder into Itatris. Here they met with a nice farming couple who offered them food and shelter, taking pity on what had happened to them. Their fields had been raided when the Ursa Empire raiders had passed through.

The Escape

The Party awoke on hard, stone ground; each separated from the others and without arms or armor. Looking about they each found themselves in cells, each with 2 cellmates; with the exclusion of (julia) who was in a cell by herself bound and gagged – the guards being weary and superstitious of her dark magics. Luckily however (julia managed to slip out of her bounds without the guards noticing and waited for the time to be right to act.

(weber) checked himself over and realized that the guards had missed his lock picking kit, they had a chance of escape.

The Raid

It started out as a nice, normal day in the village of Egaia. The orphaned twins (eliz) and (woolson)were meeting up with their childhood friend (weber) in the village square to plan the days activities. (weber) has been the only elf in the village for the longest time and like his friends is orphaned; he has been a child up to mischief for as long as most can remember.

(julia) had been granted magical powers by a dark entity, most likely some devil or dark fairy as a prank; The Island this adventure starts on is extremely ignorant to magic. Out of fear and ignorance (julia)’s parents kick her out and send her away with nothing but a few provisions and a horse named Evelyn. She has been traveling the land lost and rejected with strange powers. Along her journeys she meets the traveling cleric of Forlogen, (vivek). Part of his duties as a cleric of Forlogen is to help travelers in need, as such he joins her in her travels. At one point in their journey they reach the village of (get name) and stay there for the night. In the morning they are setting out to begin their wandering journey anew.

As they leave the inn loud pitched screams are heard from the edge of the village. Suddenly dark shadowy shapes appear in the alleyways leading into the village square. These shapes reveal themselves to be soldiers of the Ursa Empire raiding the village. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” : (vivek) and (julia) are caught in the attack that has nothing to do with them, they team up with the others in the square; (eliz), (woolson), and (weber); to fight off the soldiers.

After a short fight they quickly subdued all the soldiers attacking them in the courtyard. However there was no respite for the new allies as more dark figures began to appear; they were surrounded. From the cluster of enemies a tall man with Black hair and grey eyes stepped forward. “Impressive, but you cannot win, Surrender,” He called out to them.

“Never you!” (woolson) called out so ferociously that he caused the man to take a step back in shock.

Then the battle between the 2 sides began, (weber) shooting an arrow directly at the man and (woolson) charging up to him. (eliz) went for one of the soldiers to the side to prevent them from being flanked. (julia) launched a beam of deadly dark energy from her hand at the man, but her aim was off and she hit the charging (woolson) directly in the back of the head, he turned for a moment giving her an angry mistrustful glare before turning to the foes in front of him. his sister mirrored his thoughts. (vivek) joined (woolson) in the attack. The man charged forward into the middle of them, the rest of the soldiers staying back and forming a ring around the party. The man then proceeded to put the party down using a combination of whirling attacks and devastating blows. first he took down (woolson), (vivek), and (weber); when (eliz) saw her brother fall she charged him in rage; only to be taken down herself. At this point (julia) attempted to flee to her horse in the stable, making it to the horse before she was taken down.


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