Wind Drake

The Escort

The part had been tasked by the King with escorting the diplomat to the Ursa Empire to prevent a full blown war from erupting. The diplomat in question is Fila Avisra, the princess and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Itatris. They would also be joined on their journey by Cinder Charmilla, a vassal to the King, sent along to further guard the princess.

Setting off on their journey was relativity peaceful through their home country and up to the city they had taken. From the city they headed towards the nearest village, with Cinder, (julia), and (jess) going ahead to prepare lodgings and announce their entry and intentions to the Ursa Empire. The rest continued on down the road with the princess and all the gear and provisions at a slower pace. All was peaceful until suddenly someone fell out of a tree next to them.



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